Vincent Zhang

Software engineer working at MIT my startup OpenTable in San Francisco.
I read books, write about software and what I'm doing now. You should subscribe for updates.

Of the Standard of Taste

The plain english summary of David Hume's groundbreaking essay, aiming to define beauty and taste, published in Four Dissertations in 1757.
Books • Written On 2017-11-18

Write It Down Anyway

In which I argue that the originality of the idea is overrated in the process of writing, and you should start instead.
Productivity • Written On 2017-10-08

Testing npm packages

My approaches on testing out local changes during various stages of a package's lifecycle: building, installing, publishing and so on.
Frontend • Written On 2017-12-19

CSS: Thicker Border on Hover

Changing the border width on hover will normally cause the element to move and affect the surrounding layout. Let's take a look at a few CSS solutions.
Frontend • Written On 2017-09-22

Busting the Cult of File Size Obsession

A trend has been gaining traction among open-source JavaScript libraries: the obsession over who has the smallest file size. However, this is an outdated problem and we should focus on clarity instead.
Frontend • Written On 2017-09-05